10 Easy Steps to Reclaim your Garage!

10.07.15-IMAGE-GarageTake a minute and look out your window. See the building behind your house – the one with the gigantic door? Does it hold … your car? Or, is it full of all the extra stuff you can’t fit in your house? Could this all be stuff you no longer want, use or need?
This project may be easier to do with only one other person because the more people who are involved in the clearing, the more “reasons” there might be to justify keeping the stuff. Remember… most people don’t miss what they forgot they had!
1. Clear your driveway. Leave as much room as you can to sort your stuff.
2. Remove everything from the garage. Leave no captives. Everything OUT!
3. Now, sort your stuff into FOUR piles – Pitch, Patch, Pack and Pass-along.
4. PITCH – this stuff is garbage and should recycled or thrown out. Be responsible and be environmental! Take paint cans, aerosol containers, batteries, cleaning products, oils and solvents, old computers… to your local Hazardous Waste Disposal location.
5. PATCH – fix, repair, connect. When deciding to keep something, make sure it fits, it works and it has all the parts. If it doesn’t work… see # 4 above.
6. PACK – “like with like”. All sports equipment should be stored together, all camping supplies should be stored together, all garden tools should be stored together… get the idea? Plastic storage bins are ideal for keeping water and pesky animals out.
7. PASS-ALONG – Some stuff might be “good”, but just not used by anyone in your home. Sell it at a Garage Sale, take it to a Consignment Shop, share it with a neighbour or donate it to your favourite charity. Whatever you decide, get it out of your space!
8. Now it’s time to return all of your stuff to the garage! Remember, everything you put back in the garage will have to endure sub-zero temperatures all winter.
9. Leave room for your car(s)!
10. Think twice before storing more stuff in your garage. If in doubt, throw it out! Parking your car in the garage all winter will make snow-shovelling that much easier.

Don’t you love all the new-found space in your garage?