Caring for a loved one? Get help today!

As a family caregiver, much of your time is taken up with caring for your loved one and that leaves little time for anything else. When you are not “on call”, you may be so exhausted that all you want to do is put your feet up and…relax.

We get it and understand that the last thing on your mind might be downsizing.

But, what if simplifying your home could make your caregiving task easier? It can!

SEVEN tips to help when you are feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks you must juggle as a family caregiver:

  1. Create a task and share it! Take a project like sorting family photos. Looking at a few photos can give you the opportunity to walk down memory lane… together. It is a task that can give you a bit of energy and a lot more to talk about!
  2. Showcase your treasures. Remove surplus items from shelves and cabinets, so you can focus on and enjoy your treasures.
  3. Less stuff = less to clean. Clear clutter so you can exchange dusting and cleaning activities for resting, relaxing and reading!
  4. Ask for HELP! Caregivers are often thrust into the role with little or no training and one of the most difficult things to do is ASK FOR HELP. Avoid burn-out by asking family and friends to pitch in and give you some time off for good behaviour and self-care!
  5. Prepare ONE meal a week from food in your pantry. Use all of those tins, packages and bags of stuff you’re squirrelling away in your kitchen! Be creative!
  6. Stop when you’ve had enough. Downsizing doesn’t have to be a race to the finish line. Relax and remember the important thing is to keep things in your home familiar, comfortable and safe.
  7. Less is best! Thinking about letting something go? The answer is always…”Less is BEST!”

“Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much.”

                                                                        —- Helen Keller





Your thoughts?