Downsizing means getting back to basics!

Downsizing can be emotional so here are some Downsizing Diva tips to help you "right-size" your belongings to fit into your home and your lifestyle. Your home may be large enough to hold all of your treasures which means downsizing may only become an issue when the decision is made to MOVE to a smaller home! While the thought of moving might be exciting, the tasks of … [Read more...]

How old would you be?

With each passing birthday, I look at the number of candles on my cake and wonder where did the time go? Along the way, I am also finding new meanings to some expressions that have been around for a long time. ‘Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!” used to be funny when spoken by one of the three little pigs. But now, my friends and I have made pacts with younger people … [Read more...]

PAPER always prompts emotional response…

Trends indicate we are drowning in more paper than ever before… not less! Now we don’t trust “technology” to keep track of our documents, so we print and/or save copies of everything in traditional filing cabinets. What’s wrong with this picture? P.A.P.E.R. -- Paper Always Prompts Emotional Responses and paper organizing is a project best managed in small doses. Like all … [Read more...]

Never Stop.

Whenever I was in the middle of a project and losing steam, a friend would encourage me to ‘push through”. Sometimes it meant staying up all night to complete a painting project; other times it involved completing a school assignment before calling it a night. While it can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up, success can be often be achieved with just a bit more … [Read more...]

Gain control of your habits

No matter how much space we have in our home, we always seem to need more. That could be because our stuff seems to expand to fit the space we have. These days, it's not so much about finding more space, it's about making the most of the space we have. Whether you are downsizing or upsizing, here are FOUR Downsizing Diva HABITS: Find a place for everything and keep … [Read more...]