Downsizing Diva is a WEIGHT-LIFTER!

Funny, isn’t it? Sometimes you really can’t see the forest for the trees!” That’s the thought that went through our minds a while back, when a friend described the work we do as “weight lifting”. “Weight lifters!”, we replied, “No way!” You see just the idea of us in tight-little spandex outfits, slugging barbells over our head was one we just couldn’t wrap our heads … [Read more...]

Psssst…. Talking Downsizing with CBC + ZOOMER Radio!

Thanks to aging baby boomers who have accumulated generations' worth of stuff, the world is in the midst of the greatest wealth transfer in human history. For the parents and grandparents, the heirlooms they bequeath hold special meaning, but too often, their children see their treasures as junk that they don't need, have room for, or may even have to pay someone else to … [Read more...]

The time to simplify is now!

No matter where you live, it seems you’re always bringing stuff into your home. The upcoming holiday season always seems to bring new things into your house! Books, magazines, clothes, shoes, cleaning supplies, furniture, paper products, serving dishes, decorative items, a table here, a lamp there. The challenge is to continue to live light! One organizing rule often applied … [Read more...]

Cottage – Life Lessons

We learn life lessons from everything we do! As we prepared to sell our family cottage, there were a lot of lessons to be learned. Here are SEVEN of them: BE RESPECTFUL. Working with other family members, can be challenging. Someone else may have an emotional attachment to something you think is…junk! BE GENEROUS. One person’s trash is definitely another … [Read more...]

Clothes, clothes and more clothes!

We don’t’ call ourselves “Downsizing Diva” for nothing! After years of experience in the Senior Move Management business, we know the most challenging part of move preparation is the downsizing part! We work with our clients to: Determine what to take to their new home Pack and unpack all the boxes Put everything away Leave their new home feeling familiar, … [Read more...]