Holiday Gifts…think outside the bowl!

Throughout the year, there are lots of reasons to celebrate with family and friends and, it seems, most of these celebrations include gifts! A friend tells us, “If I can’t wear it or eat it, I don’t want it!”  When you share “experiential” or consumable gifts, you can create treasured memories at the same time. Spending time with family or friends can be the best gift of … [Read more...]


  An important Canadian tradition involves the wearing of a Remembrance Day poppy every November. This simple act unites all of us as remember the sacrifice brave men and women in the armed services make so we can continue to enjoy our Canadian way of life. Tim Stewart, Archivist for the Toronto Scottish Regiment, tells a wonderful Remembrance Day story about a … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Moments!

In 1949, Mum received a cedar chest as a Christmas gift so it had been part of her life almost forever. Now, it might have looked like just another piece of furniture, but, as my brothers and I soon discovered, it was really much more like a “treasure” chest. Important things were kept in that cedar chest, not so much to keep out the moths, but to keep in the memories. The … [Read more...]


An important Canadian tradition involves the wearing of Remembrance Day poppies each November. Today, I want to share a story about one of our clients who shared a family keepsake that became an important historical find. Our expert in all things military is Tim Stewart – History Teacher and Archivist for the Toronto Scottish Regiment. Tim wrote this story for the Toronto … [Read more...]

Customer Service Lessons from the Parking Lot Attendant

Every couple of weeks, we have a meeting at the Toronto Star Building so we drive one car downtown. The first time we entered the Pinnacle Parking Lot, Ben was friendly and asked about our company. Of course, we were in the “Diva-mobile”. The next few times, the conversation with Ben was engaging and, as Gail and I walked to each meeting, we remarked about how he “made our … [Read more...]