Customer Service Lessons from the Parking Lot Attendant

IMG_3438Every couple of weeks, we have a meeting at the Toronto Star Building so we drive one car downtown. The first time we entered the Pinnacle Parking Lot, Ben was friendly and asked about our company. Of course, we were in the “Diva-mobile”.

The next few times, the conversation with Ben was engaging and, as Gail and I walked to each meeting, we remarked about how he “made our day”. He seemed to be on a mission to connect with each person who passed by his booth.

A couple of weeks ago, due to scheduling issues, we drove in two separate cars – not the “Diva-mobile”. As I drove into the lot, Ben commented, “You’re not driving in with your friend today”. “No,” I replied, “today we had separate meetings so we had to bring two cars”.

I paid my money, got my receipt and Ben said, “Oh, your friend is just parking her car, she’s right up there” and pointed. Then he added, “If you hurry, you can catch up with her and go to your meeting together!”

What an experience! Gail was driving her husband’s car without Diva logos and Ben had recognized us and made the connection.

This experience made us think of a sign we had seen recently, “If I can’t do big things, I want to do small things in a big way!”

Ben’s Customer Service Lessons:

1. Every day, you have a chance to make someone’s day.
2. A smile and a friendly comment go a long way!
3. You choose your attitude…and attitude is everything!
4. People always remember the way you made them feel.
5. When something good happens to you, you tell others.

When we told the people we met with, they said they had only seen Ben when they were on their way home. They had no idea of the impact Ben was having on those who met him while driving into the parking lot! But they were going to check it out!

Thanks Ben… for making our day and some great customer service lessons!