Downsizing Diva is a WEIGHT-LIFTER!

Funny, isn’t it? Sometimes you really can’t see the forest for the trees!” That’s the thought that went through our minds a while back, when a friend described the work we do as “weight lifting”.

“Weight lifters!”, we replied, “No way!”

You see just the idea of us in tight-little spandex outfits, slugging barbells over our head was one we just couldn’t wrap our heads around. Of course we were thinking inside the box or, in this case, living deep within the forest.

“Just a minute”, our friend, Matthew Penstone, a marketing kinda guy, explained… “What I mean is by doing the work you do, Downsizing Divas are lifting weights from their client’s minds, hearts and souls!”

Hmmmmm… of course we had never quite thought of the work we do as weight-lifting, but maybe it is.

When we think about it, over the past 16+ years, lots of our clients and their family members have used phrases like:

  • “Knowing you have everything under control lifted a huge weight off my shoulders!
  • “Worrying about finding places for all the stuff I don’t want was weighing on my mind”.
  • “Just talking about all my treasures makes it easier to let some of them go – I feel lighter already.”
  • “I can enjoy visiting my Mum without the burden of getting everything ready for her move. Now, we will just visit and talk… and leave the rest to the Divas!”

Now, we’re thinking of ourselves as “weight-lifters” and, who knows maybe those tight, little spandex outfits might not be far behind.

Perish the thought!




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