PAPER always prompts emotional response…

4. Aug.11.14-Paper

Trends indicate we are drowning in more paper than ever before… not less!

Now we don’t trust “technology” to keep track of our documents, so we print and/or save copies of everything in traditional filing cabinets.
What’s wrong with this picture?

P.A.P.E.R. — Paper Always Prompts Emotional Responses and paper organizing is a project best managed in small doses. Like all organizing projects, the best time to begin this project is…NOW!

There are many kinds of papers to organize; here are a few of our favourites:

BOOKS are like “old friends”! Why not share a favourite with someone who will also enjoy it? No strings attached.

GREETING CARDS and LETTERS are papers that lead you on a walk down “memory lane”. Select a few treasures…let the rest go.

MAGAZINES can seem too good to recycle. The paper is high quality and the photos are wonderful. Let go and gain shelf, closet and tble space!

PHOTOS are a real challenge! Keep photos of the people and places and make notes on the paper on the back of each photo. Or…store electronically.

RECEIPTS + MANUALS this paper is only needed for items you still own and remember you can always find manuals online.

RECIPES scraps of paper are easy to collect and difficult to let go. Make the dish. Enjoy it or share the recipe with family or friends. Recyle recipes you will never use or tried and didn’t like.

The best advice for dealing with paper is to eliminate it at the source!

When paper – bills, magazines, cards, newspapers – enters your home, open it over the recycle bin/shredder. Keep only what you need.

if you don’t pile it, you won’t need to file it.


  1. Went to ameeting at Victoria Park Church loved Karen Shinns talk on downsizing, been in the same house 60 years, try to throw something away or give something away every day. Really took notice of everything she said. Really enjoyed Downsizing Divas

    • Joyce:
      Thanks for your comments. It’s all about keeping things you want, use, need and enjoy looking at!