Downsizing, if only I knew…

59205_3“If only I knew then, what I know now!” That thought has crossed my mind a lot over the past six months!

When my Mum passed away in August, we were faced with the challenge of downsizing a lifetime of my parent’s treasures and clearing our family home.

Now, I do have three brothers! They were a great help with the technical bits, but not so much help with the emotional stuff.

Getting our family home ready to sell was a lot of work, and the brothers were there to make repairs, update fixtures and get things in order. But, when it came time to go through boxes of stuff in the basement, attic and new condo, they were not so easily found.

I guess it made sense that I would assume the downsizing task since I’ve been in the business of helping seniors downsize and move for 14+ years.
If only I knew how really challenging downsizing becomes…when it becomes personal. Our clients like working with us because of our objectivity. I have to tell you, it was tough to be objective when I was sorting through things that have been in my life for ages!

And… I was surprised at just how few items my brothers and their families wanted from my parent’s home.

When you are thinking about downsizing, keep repeating this phrase, “my family doesn’t want my stuff! The only exception, as one participant at a recent seminar pointed out is…”the only thing they do want of mine,” he said, “is my money!” And we laughed!

These days, many of my friends and family are beginning the simplifying process and discovering that living without so much stuff is…liberating.
Like all projects, downsizing is best tackled by starting small, but starting somewhere!

Is there a drawer, a cupboard or a closet in your home crying out for downsizing? Just begin there and see where the journey takes you?

Now YOU know…


  1. Karen, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother! And I understand about downsizing belongings from a home you grew up in. I did that several years ago, and although it wasn’t my childhood home, it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Certainly the best education to understand our clients’ hesitation and emotion felt when it’s their turn.

    • Thanks Moreen! I’ve been learning so much about being an Executor too! These are truly LIFE LESSONS!