Moving Experiences

10.28.15-IMAGE-Toronto skylineOne thing about living in a condo, people are either moving in…or moving out! Recently, I moved from a 662 square foot condo to a 606 square foot condo.

OK, so neither condo was huge, but those additional 56 square feet made quite a difference! Some might argue I only “lost” a 7’ x 8’ space – but it’s all the stuff I could fit into that space that really mattered!

Here are some lessons I learned along the way:

It is possible to sell a condo, buy another condo and move within two weeks.

Possible, YES! Practical – not so much!
When you move, you’ll need help and lots of it. You will be thankful for those who help with packing and moving and those who help you celebrate endings and toast new beginnings!

Taking the right amount of stuff is always a challenge!
Working with a floor plan is always a good idea. But, when you find out your balcony door is locked while glass panels are replaced, you go to “Plan B” and figure out how much space the “outside” stuff will take up when it must co-exist for a while with the “inside stuff”. Then, keep your fingers crossed you can use your balcony soon.

You never know what’s in your storage locker until it’s time to pack it!
I love Christmas, but when my decorations took up my entire new storage locker, I knew I had too much stuff. Add a raclette maker (a bargain, but never used), a shredder (with shredded paper from my last move), two boxes of baking supplies supplies, seven carry-on bags…it really is too much stuff.

A smaller condo with a view trumps a larger condo without a view – every time!
I love my city view and I find I can live with less space inside so I can enjoy the view outside.

Your Realtor and Lawyer become your best friends.
My Realtor and I go way back – but I’m still nervous when we head out for a “walk and talk”. The last two times we walked and talked, I bought condos! We’re going to start “walking and not talking” for a while and see how that works! My Lawyer is amazing and reviews everything with a fine-tooth comb to make sure I’m OK. Couldn’t ask for a better support team!

It’s exhausting work… and you’re glad when it’s over!
I had another opportunity to learn what our clients experience when they move. I know what works (time-outs during the day) and what doesn’t (perfection on Move Day). Getting everything moved is important… getting it in just the right place takes time.

Here’s to moving experiences…every one of them!