Organize now with Diva Tips!

One of the benefits of living where we do is the changing seasons. However, at this time of the year, the season just cannot seem to change fast enough!

Instead of complaining, take some baby steps and get ready for spring!

Any overwhelming task is more manageable when it is divided into smaller components. It’s time for a Diva 10:1010 simple organizing tasks that can be done in 10 minutes (or less).

Are you ready?

  1. Check the best-before dates on all the items in your fridge. Discard out of date items and things you and your family don’t use.
  2. Donate toys and games your children no longer use.
  3. Share surplus books and magazines with friends and family.
  4. Invite a friend to help sort items in your clothes closet. Return the favour. Mend, donate and dispose of the extras.
  5. Stale spices do not add flavor to your recipes. Freshen Up!
  6. Buy new make-up and get rid of the old stuff.
  7. Sort gloves and mittens. When you find an “orphan”, let it go.
  8. Donate coffee mugs you do not love to use.
  9. Frayed or discoloured towels? Donate them to an Animal Shelter.
  10. Streamline decorative items from horizontal surfaces. Lighten Up!

That was easy!

Now you have completed our Diva 10:10, you’ve got a head-start on your spring clearing.

Here’s hoping spring is right around the corner!