P.A.P.E.R. – Paper Always Prompts Emotional Response

Too Muich PaperDealing with your paper clutter can be time consuming and stressful. As you muddle through your own piles of paper, you can become overwhelmed by the memories and the responsibilities.

Sorting through the paperwork is a task best managed in small doses—start small, but start.

Paper clutter takes various forms and means different things to different people. When we’re talking paper, we’re talking…

BILLS + INVOICES —utilities, furniture, toys, electronics, taxes… keep or throw away?
BOOKS —hard cover, paperback, children’s, telephone books, etc.
COUPONS + CLIPPINGS —free stuff, neat stuff, new stuff.
GREETING CARDS —old, new, funny, serious, hand-made, works of art, etc.
LETTERS —love letters, ordinary letters, good news, bad news or no news at all.
MAGAZINES —hobby, fashion, decorating, scientific, travel, educational, etc.
PHOTOS —old, new, framed, unframed, in boxes, bags or bundles.
RECEIPTS + INSTRUCTION MANUALS —for items long since broken or tossed.
RECIPES —hand-written family favourites, “tried and true,” or “too good to pass by.”
SCHOOL NOTES + PROJECTS —your own or your children’s.
TAX INFORMATION —from every tax year ever filed, with back-up receipts.

What kind of paper clutter is lurking around your home?
Remember, you don’t have to be moving to downsize your papers, so start now! You may be amazed at how much space you can create!