Planning your time…

15.07-July 28-IMAGE-ClockAt Downsizing Diva, we’re all about being on time… not early, not late, simply on time!

As I write this, I am sitting with my feet in a bucket of cold water waiting for my pedicure to be finished and frustrated with a person who has a blatant disregard for MY time!

You see, I had arrived early for my appointment and was now happily soaking my feet and sharing a lovely conversation with the salon owner. I was very relaxed.

Suddenly, in bursts a LATE CUSTOMER – not a few minutes late, but over an hour late. She is ranting about the traffic congestion (it was Saturday afternoon!), the inconvenience of the HOV lanes (which had been in place for over three weeks) and how her day has not been going well.

Still ranting, she rushes through the space and finally comes to rest beside the salon owner and right next to my feet in the bucket.

She doesn’t stop. Without acknowledging my presence at all, she continues, “I need streaks in my hair. I need to be out of here in 2 hours. I’m going to a Wedding Reception tonight at the Ritz Carlton. I’m in hurry”. It’s all about her. Can you say sense of entitlement?

The salon owner was caught and understood that what happened next would be all about customer service.

I gave her a break…” Go ahead and see what needs to be done. I’ll just need a magazine or two to read while you take care of her!”

The rants grew louder and more frenzied as her hair streaking process continued.

My anxiety level was rising, so I started documenting the story. What else is a Diva to do? I had scheduled a relaxing afternoon that was quickly becoming anything but relaxed.

How dare this woman barge into my scheduled appointment time and expect to be taken care of as if she were the only person in the salon!

When the work was completed, she paid by charge card and then has the nerve to ask if she could get change for a $20.

I chuckled to myself when the owner said, “No, I have customer who has already given up too much of her time for you and I must get back to her right now.”

On her way out, she directed a quick “Thank You” to the owner. Without missing a beat, I shouted “You’re welcome”

I doubt she heard and, even if she had, she was definitely the type of person who would have cared anyway.

As I settled back into my pedicure, I asked myself, “Would I do the same thing again?’

And I knew the answer was…most likely!

Better three hours too soon
Than a minute too late.
— William Shakespeare