PLANNING YOUR WORK…working your plan!

Barber ShopI was visiting with my cousin, a few weeks ago, when I saw this sign in a shop and started to think about planning.

I always seem to be in a hurry and rushing from one event or project to another. Being in the moment is not where I spend a lot of my time!

Looking at this sign, I figure Terry, the Barber, is someone who makes his own rules and has figured out what’s important. He schedules his time so he can be better at planning ahead.

Life Lessons from Terry the Barber:

Work to live, don’t live to work! What’s not to like about a 3-day work week?

Take time for yourself. Four days off in a row…every single week!

Avoid guilt! Everyone in town knows when Terry is at work!

Pace yourself…Work starts at 8:30 am; play starts…whenever!

Thanks Terry!

Now, it’s time to start planning our work and working our plans!