01.13.16-IMAGE-TeacupsPerhaps this year, you have already started downsizing and you are finding a lot of stuff is left over! A common request from clients, colleagues and friends is to help them sell all of their surplus stuff! The Diva says…what you think is worth money, often isn’t; what you think is junk, may be worth something.

ASK ABOUT AN AUCTION — Sending items to auction seems like an easy and convenient way to deal with your excess treasures. An Auction House sorts, packs and picks up your stuff (cartage charges apply) and transports it to a central location for a regularly- scheduled sale. The price you get depends on who shows up for the auction and what they’re interested in buying.

CONSIDER A CONTENTS SALE — Contents sales are similar to garage sales, but are held in your house and conducted by someone else. The cost is often based on a commission split, so it is to everyone’s advantage to sell your stuff for as much as possible.

DEAL WITH A DEALER — You can probably find someone to buy your stuff…at their price! Dealers visit your house, look at your treasures and make an offer. They know some items will sell and some will not and suggest a price that allows them to make a profit and you to get rid of your stuff. When the offer includes a complete clear out of your house, you save on cartage and disposal costs.

GO WITH A GARAGE SALE — Garage sales can be a great way to meet your neighbors but not always a great way to make money. They are time-consuming, labor-intensive, weather-dependent and require you to negotiate the selling cost of your stuff with your neighbors. If you’re still emotionally involved with your stuff, a garage sale might not be the best recipe for financial success.

INVESTIGATE THE INTERNET — Post items for donation or sale at little or no cost on a number of websites — eBay, craigslist, Kijiji.. All you need is time and a bit of computer savvy.

Here’s to making money with your surplus stuff!