Are you a Dementia caregiver? This video can change everything…

Caregiving for someone with dementia can be one of the most rewarding…and overwhelming experiences you will ever live through. I know because I watched my Mum care for my Dad who lived with Alzheimer’s for over 7 years.

This 7 minute video with Teepa Snow could open a conversation and change everything….

Len, my Dad, was a patient and gentle man, but when the dementia took over, he became frustrated with what was happening to him… and had, what I used to call “moments of brilliance”.

I still remember him asking my Mum, “What am I doing wrong?  Every time I start talking to someone, they walk away…”  This question still brings tears to my eyes.

You see, Len wasn’t doing anything wrong. It’s just that the people he expected to understand him often didn’t know how to react to his constant repetition and questions. They just found it easier to walk away.

On March 23, 2015, in a Toronto Start article, Jennifer Yang wrote about the dementia ‘tidal wave’ and highlighted the 444 MILLION hours that Canadian caregivers spend caring for relatives with dementia.

Dementia care educator, Teepa Snow says, “there are gifts that people living with dementia still have and then there are these challenges they present us with and we get sucked into the challenges and forget the gifts.”

We were thrilled to attend two of Teepa’s presentations at a recent conference and then have the opportunity to interview her.

Through this video, I hope you’ll gain some insight into setting limits, community support and resources that are available (Toronto Caregiver Show) and, most importantly, how to cope with the brain changes your loved one is experiencing.

Good luck on the journey….

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