Time for FALL Clearing!

gif-Fall LeavesWhere does the time go? Maybe you had good intentions to clear some of your stuff in the spring, and just didn’t get around to it.
Well, here’s the good news! This time of the year is a great time to take action and do some FALL Clearing.
When the challenge of downsizing seems to be too much, people often throw up their hands in despair and head to their nearest storage unit.
A well-organized storage locker containing items you want, use and need is a good investment. Renting storage space to avoid making decisions about disposing or donating your stuff just doesn’t make good cents!

Renting storage space can be a tempting alternative to downsizing. It’s easier to bring all of your unwanted and unused stuff to a clean, heated and secure room, walk away with a key and know your stuff will be safe.

We know of a family who rented a storage unit to store unused and unwanted furniture and a few other items. After almost a year of credit card bills, Dad visited the storage unit to see just exactly what he was paying for every month. Imagine his surprise when he opened the door and found…a half-bag of peat moss in the middle of the space. Without telling him, the family had removed most of the items several months earlier. That was the good news; the bad news…his credit card payments continued.

TAME THE Locker Mess Monster!
With a bit of advance planning, you can maximize the space and minimize the cost of your storage locker. The first rule is to be ruthless about items you’re considering storing. Ask yourself… Will I really use this again? Am I ever going to get around to refinishing or reupholstering this furniture? Or am I just afraid to let my stuff go?
Inventory the contents of every box or container. Note the location of each box within the storage unit to ensure all of your stuff is accessible. Consider purchasing boxes of the same size and shelving units to maximize vertical and horizontal space.
And the most important suggestion — If you have not visited your storage unit in one year, reassess the need for the stuff that is being stored and dare to let it go!