TOP 10 Organizing Tips from the Downsizing Diva!

  1. 1. Know thyself! There are “pilers”—people who must see everything they have so they know where it is and there are “filers” – those who want everything out-of-sight! What works best? It depends… the real question is what works for YOU!

 2. Start somewhere. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start with a closet shelf or the junk drawer and tackle it. Now, doesn’t that feel better?

 3. Set a timer! You don’t have to spend a whole day getting organized. See what you can do in… 30 minutes.

 4. Sort your stuff before buying storage containers. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you have more storage containers than stuff, you tend to find stuff to fill them.

 5. One item “IN” – one item “OUT”. Keep items you want, use and need. We wear 20% of our clothes – 80% of the time. What is taking up your space?

 6. Store “like” with “like”. Keep similar things together and it is easier to keep track of items you buy regularly and avoid duplicate purchases. Save space and money!

 7. Find a place for everything and keep everything in its place”. The reason this tips sounds familiar is… it works!

 8. Short-term storage solutions work Sometimes you need to find a place to keep some of your stuff for the short-term. Check out a local Storage Locker!

9. Team up with a friend. It’s more fun to work on any project with a friend and someone who is objective can help with the decision-making process

 10. Celebrate your accomplishments! The journey of a million miles begins with the first step. Small rewards help to keep you motivated!