You + a Household Inventory = a great idea!

09.16.15-IMAGE-LightbulbThinking about moving? Now is the time to compile an inventory of the contents of your home. This task may seem overwhelming, but it should be at the top of your Move Preparation “To Do” list.

An inventory helps you determine the type and amount of home and moving insurance you will need. It can also help expedite a claim in the event of damage or loss during a move or in the event of a fire, flood or other catastrophe.

10 Tips to help create your Household Inventory Record:

1. Work from room-by-room and list all of the large furniture items. Describe each item and include a photo. Include items that are stored in your attic, basement and/or garage.

2. List smaller items in cupboards, closets, shelves, and display spaces. Identify and describe each item or groups of items.

3. Categorize and count clothing, shoes and costume jewellery (5 suits, 12 dress shirts, 8 pairs of earrings, etc.).

4. List valuable items separately. Include insurance valuations and photos of treasures and heirlooms.

5. Attach receipts, appraisals and purchase contracts to your Inventory.

6. Record data and scan photos to create an electronic inventory file.

7. Include cost, purchase date and replacement costs.

8. Find a safe place to keep your Household Inventory. Keep off-premises. Consider giving it to a trusted friend to store or put it in your safety deposit box.

9. Update your Inventory regularly. Add new purchases and delete items that have been replaced or discarded.

10. Tell family members where you keep it, then, it can be easily retrieved, if needed.

Create your Household Inventory…be safe, not sorry!